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Want to ask more effective interview questions? Let interviewbot help! 

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Interviewing is broken!

Common interviewing methods ("So....tell me about yourself...") are worse than random at selecting top performers.

How do you fix it?

Decades of research shows that structured interviews are much more effective than unstructured interviews and help mitigate bias.

How interviewbot works

Interviewbot makes it easy for all interviewers to ask skills-based interview questions in a few minutes right from Slack!

Identify what skills are important for each role

Have an interview coming up but don’t know where to start? Interviewbot helps you select key skills based on job level and department.

Ask the right interview questions

The key to selecting the best candidates is asking questions that actually predict future performance. Interviewbot automatically recommends behavior-based interview questions based on the skills that matter most for the job.


How do I use interviewbot?

Simple. Click here to watch a quick how-to video.

  1. Install interviewbot.
  2. Add interviewbot to any channel by typing @interviewbot into the channel and inviting the bot. You can also DM interivewbot in it’s own app channel (this conversation is private). 
  3. You can start a conversation by saying “hi interviewbot.” (Sorry, you can’t say hi @interviewbot. Weird Slack thing). 
  4. Interviewbot will take it from there! It can help you select relevant skills and questions OR if you already have skills in mind, it will help you select great questions related to those skills.

Why should I choose questions ahead of the interview? Can’t I just wing it?

Traditional interviewing is worse than random at selecting top performers. One of the most consistent findings in the history of HR research is that structured interviews (i.e. using skill-based questions) are much more reliable and valid than unstructured interviews. Translation: you will consistently make better hires if you use structured interviews.

What is structured interviewing?

The key to structured interviewing is asking all candidates the same skills-based questions that are actually relevant to the role. Peoplism’s Interviewbot makes that super easy to do. In a few clicks you can:

  • Select the skills that actually matter for the specific job you’re hiring for.
  • Select interview questions that measure those skills.

If you want to learn more about structured interviewing, here’s a great primer.

How did we come up with the interview questions?

Dr. Liz Kofman, Peoplism’s co-founder, sociologist, and interview question connoisseur has been collecting great interview questions the way other people collect fine wines: obsessively, over many years. 

Interviewbot helps you select from over 300 questions for over 100 skills. But it’s not really about quantity when it comes to interview questions—it’s about quality. Every question we’ve included has been selected because we believe it’s effective, and one we would ask in our own rigorous hiring process.

What about those cool Google brain-teasers? Have any of those?

Nope. Google-y brain-teasers (“How many tennis balls fit into the Empire State building?”) are useless, even according to Google.

I’m looking for questions for a specific skill but I don’t see it here. Can you add it?

Email your suggestions to

Our team already has specific skills/competencies and/or questions. Can you add those?

Let’s chat. Email us at

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We created this bot to make interviewing better and easier for as many people as possible. Thank you to the amazing tech talents at Tribe, especially Jeremy Neal, for making it happen.