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Peoplism partners with companies of all sizes—and at every stage in their diversity and inclusion journey—to deliver programs and services that get lasting results.

Peoplism approaches the topics of bias and inclusion in a creative and original way, offering real-world perspectives and solutions.  Amber’s authentic humor invites people in and makes these difficult topics both engaging and approachable. Our culture is definitely better because of Peoplism’s trainings after arming our teams with new tools to tackle everyday challenges.
— Joanna Lord, CMO, ClassPass.
Peoplism is a program that actually moves needle. After Peoplism we’re more connected and better informed. Highly recommended for any company serious about challenging their biases and prioritizing diversity & inclusion.
— Ben Hutchinson, Co-founder + COO, Earnest.
Unlike anything else out there. It’s not just an educational program about how gender bias is holding people back.  It’s a program that changes how we think about each other to create a more inclusive culture where people can bring their full potential to work...which we know leads to better businesses results
— Managing Director, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm.
Engaged our employees and sparked discussion on challenging problematic gender norms. Attendees left the program with different ideas about what it means to be a ‘man’ or ‘woman,’ motivation to create a more gender-fair work dynamic, and a deeper understanding of how to do so.
— Recruiting Coordinator, Big 4 Consulting Firm.
Peoplism significantly helped us to think about gender, diversity, and inclusion in a new way.
— Mike Dsupin, CEO, Talener.

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