Peoplism's DEIB Model

We created this model to demystify the big picture, clarify the focus of our interventions, and ensure our clients are addressing all parts of the system.

Lean Assessments

Understanding where you are today is critical—but so is having enough budget to actually do something about it.   That’s why we do targeted assessments that are action-oriented, so we can put our time (and your dollars) right into a working strategy that focuses on results.


Are you hiring and retaining a diverse group of employees?

  • Our company demographic analysis allows you to understand how diverse your company is as a whole and which departments and job levels need extra attention.

  • Our rigorous hiring funnel analysis gives you an accurate picture of applicant demographics and a thorough understanding of the pass-through rates in each hiring stage.

  • Our employee retention analysis examines if employees of certain demographics are leaving your company at disproportionate rates.


Does your company culture make all employees feel valued and respected?

  • Our inclusion assessment uses our quantitative Inclusion & Belonging Survey as well as qualitative interviews to understand how included (and excluded) employees of different demographics feel at your company.

  • We also look at your company values, policies, benefits, office environment, website, and reporting practices.

  • From these results we are able to benchmark your current state and build a comprehensive inclusion strategy complete with customized and prioritized solutions.


Do you develop, promote and compensate employees fairly and objectively?

  • Our performance review and promotion analysis helps you understand if bias exists in performance reviews and if performance review data and promotion decisions align.

  • Our compensation equity analysis allows you to screen for disparities in salary, equity, bonuses and total compensation among demographic groups.


Do your employees work on high functioning teams where everyone feels connected?

  • In order to implement targeted belonging interventions, our belonging assessment focuses on the team level.

  • We use quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the nuances of how your teams are functioning.

  • This allows us to help individual teams become more connected, psychologically safe, efficient, and have better day-to-day interactions.

“An enormous asset on a major D&I initiative for our organization.”

Director of Global Talent, Retail Company

Strategies & Implementations

We build evidence-based strategies and—just as importantly—do the hard work of implementing them. Our longer-term, hands-on engagements result in customized interventions that embed DEIB thinking into all of your people processes.


We help you hire and retain a diverse group of candidates.

  • Our inclusive recruiting interventions help you attract underrepresented talent and source candidates more inclusively.

  • We work with recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers to mitigate bias in your hiring processes so that every candidate has a fair shot of getting hired and that truly the best candidates get selected.

  • We ensure a stellar candidate experience for everyone who walks through your doors so that your reputation as an employer continues to improve and you continue to attract a diverse group of top talent.


We ensure company culture makes all employees feel valued and respected.

  • We work with you to weave inclusion into your values in a way that’s authentic to your company.

  • We ensure that your culture lives up to those values by implementing customized inclusion interventions that foster empathy and understanding.

  • We coach managers on inclusive management practices, so that each one of their reports is able to fully contribute and feel valued.

  • And we look at your benefits, policies, office environment, and onboarding program—and help you optimize the functioning of your ERGs and D&I council—to maximize the inclusive design of your workplace.


We help you develop, promote and compensate employees fairly and objectively.

  • We make sure that you’re developing employees equitably, with effective mentorship programs and manager workshops on distributing work, giving feedback, and mitigating bias.

  • We design and implement more objective and fair performance review processes,  and refine your compensation equity strategy so that your company doesn’t have a gender or racial pay-gap.

  • We help you communicate your updated policies and practices to managers and employees to increase transparency and accountability.


We create high functioning teams where everyone feels connected.

  • We redesign onboarding programs to help all employees feel like they belong from day one.

  • Through manager upskilling intensive we help teams establish healthy interaction norms and increase team psychological safety, ensuring that all team members are engaged.

  • Our custom belonging interventions increase camaraderie within and between teams.

  • We use one-on-one coaching to help employees build communication skills and deal with issues and conflicts before they become intractable problems.

“These issues are so hard to tackle well, and Peoplism nails it.”

Lucy Babbage, VP of People


Our trainings are truly one-of-a-kind. Peoplism's stand-out trainings have been proven to actually challenge and change biases, create empathy and connection, and provide concrete inclusion skills.

Anti-Bias Training

  • Our 3-Session Anti-Bias Training (our most popular offering) is a comprehensive program that helps participants challenge their biases around race and gender.  The program also works to foster inclusion and belonging by increasing understanding and empathy around gendered and racial experiences.  Finally, it leaves participants with concrete tools to create more inclusive workplaces.

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Anti-Bias Training for Managers

  • Our 3-Session Inclusion & Belonging training for managers is similar to our standard 3-session training, but with an extra emphasis placed on management behaviors. This program helps managers challenge their biases around race and gender, and arms them with concrete tools to foster inclusion and belonging on their teams.

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Gender Bias-Busting

  • Our 2-Session Gender Bias program combats gender bias at the deepest level by helping employees rethink what they “know” about gender and gender differences.  Specifically designed to engage men, it builds empathy and camaraderie among employees of different genders and provides participants with concrete tools to build a more inclusive workplace.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • For those who want to do more than just check a box with their sexual harassment training, our program focuses on preventing sexual harassment by targeting its root causes. In addition, it helps participants create a more gender-fair company culture, and it contains all of the necessary information to be state-complaint in New York and California.

Our trainings have been proven to:


Change Bias

of participants in a recent training said the sessions led them to challenge and change their personal biases.


Increase Belonging

of participants said as a result of sessions they now feel more connected to their coworkers.


Provide Inclusion SKills

of participants said they now had concrete tools they could use to build a more inclusive workplace.

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