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The Inclusion + Belonging Experts

We work with companies at all stages in their Diversity & Inclusion journey on projects large and small.  We offer a range of services including our hallmark bias-busting trainings that actually change the way you think, and aren't offered anywhere else.



The words "inclusion" and "belonging" get thrown around a lotbut the first step to creating an inclusive culture is understanding what that actually means, what it looks like, where your company is in terms of inclusivity, and who feels like they belong there.  Using customized-for-you instruments we dig beneath the surface to deeply understand the experiences of people working at your company and identify your inclusion strengths as well as areas for improvement.


Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Formation

We don't believe in one-size fits all, out-of-the-box answers.  Sure there are "best practices," but every company is different in terms of how those practices are best implemented.  That's why we work with you to set goals, get all stakeholders onboard, utilize your existing D&I resources, and co-create a comprehensive D&I strategy that's right for you.


Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Implementation

Knowing what to do is a very small part of the battle.  Actually making it happen is where the real work comes in.  Right there in the trenches with you, we work to launch and implement the customized initiatives in your D&I strategy.

One-of-a-Kind Trainings

Our hallmark trainings are truly one-of-a-kindMeaning, we don't do Unconscious Bias Trainings.  Some of our partners use our trainings as a follow up for unconscious bias, and some use it as a substitute.  Peoplism's trainings are different in that they dig deeper, and have been proven to:

  1. Make participants actually challenge and change their biases.
  2. Create empathy and camaraderie among employees of different genders, races/ethnicities, sexualities, etc.
  3. Provide participants with concrete skills to help them foster inclusion long after the trainings are over.

And of course, all our offerings are entertaining and interactivebecause when did anything change your mind when you were bored?

Our Training Options

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Peoplism is a multi-session program that helps people question and then change their personal biases, and builds trust among employees of different genders, races/ethnicities, sexualities, etc.  This training utilizes resources within your company to ensure a customized experience, works over time to get lasting results, and challenges the faulty thinking that lead to bias around gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, age, and being a parent.  And, we fully evaluate the results so that you have data about how far you've come.

Gender ReBrand

Gender ReBrand is the gender portion of Peoplism.  This training combats gender bias and gender biased behaviors at the deepest level by helping employees rethink what they “know” about gender and gender differences.  Gender ReBrand is specially designed to engage men, and instead of the backlash that other efforts are causing, we're happy to report that 96% of men in a recent training said they now had more empathy for the experiences of women and underrepresented genders. 

Sexual Harassment

Our sexual harassment training isn't a legal compliance training.  Why?  Because those trainingsclearly aren't working.  At Peoplism, we’ve synthesized the research from organizational psychology, sexual violence prevention, gender, and bullying literature to identify the root causes of sexual harassment.  From there we’ve created a targeted training to actually prevent sexual harassment behaviors and create a more gender-fair company culture.  For those who want to do more than just check a box...



We know that it's what happens after trainings and initiative launching that really counts.  We also know that part of Diversity & Inclusion work means constant iteration and innovation.  At Peoplism, we are dedicated to lasting impact and long-term success, and continue to work with you as your company grows, changes, and faces new challenges.

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