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Customized Inclusion Trainings and Consulting

We partner with everyone from small start-ups to VC firms to the Fortune 100, providing consulting services and trainings to help build more diverse and inclusive companies.

Customized Trainings

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Gender ReBrand

Gender ReBrand is the gender portion of Peoplism.  This training combats gender bias and gender biased behaviors (sexual harassment, lack of promotion of women, etc.) at the deepest level by helping employees rethink what they “know” about gender and gender differences.  Gender ReBrand is specially designed to engage men, explores the constraints of gender expectations placed on women and men (and those outside the gender binary), and creates more creative and cohesive teams in process. 


Peoplism is a comprehensive program that combats –isms head on, creates empathy, builds camaraderie and helps to create a radically inclusive workplace.  It goes deeper than unconscious bias trainings by helping people question and then change their personal biases and works to build trust and lasting connections among participants of different genders, races/ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations. And by the end of the sessions we provide you with a roadmap to create new standards of inclusion for your company moving forward.

Training Methodology


Symbiotic Programing

Peoplism consults and utilizes resources within your company to ensure both organic fit and lasting impact.  

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Customized Just-For-You Training

While maintaining the same basic structure and content, we work with you every step of the way to ensure the training content reflects the greatest needs of your company.


Assessment and Evaluation

Before and after assessments provide guidance for the program content as well as areas of focus after the program is finished. They also provide data for you to share with the world (if you so choose) about how far you’ve come.

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Continuing Impact

We know that it's what happens after the training that really counts.  So the full Peoplism program includes a final impact report delivered with comprehensive recommendations for ways to continue fostering inclusion moving forward.  Then, to help you implement those recommendations, we continue advising from afar for a period after the official engagement has ended.

Consulting Services

For companies looking for more guidance for their Diversity & Inclusion program, we provide deep-dive and a la carte consulting services to help you create and implement a successful Diversity & Inclusion strategy.  

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