Build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable company, where all employees can belong.

We’re an end-to-end DEIB firm that delivers serious results.

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Many DEIB efforts don't work.

The research is clear: diverse and inclusive companies are more successful. But when many companies focus on DEIB, they rely on surface level interventions that apply simplistic answers to complex problems. So their hard work doesn’t pay off.

At Peoplism, we do DEIB  differently.

We partner with companies that are serious about these issues—not ones that just want to “check the box.” Our interventions target the root causes of inequalities and provide evidence-based and holistic solutions.

That's why we get great results.

Employees at client sites say Peoplism’s programs lead to:

A more inclusive
A greater sense of
A more equitable

Our Services

Lean Assessments

Understanding where you are today is critical—but so is having enough budget to actually do something about it. That’s why we do lean assessments that are action-oriented, so we can put our time (and your dollars) right into a working strategy that focuses on results.
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Comprehensive Strategies & Implementations

We build evidence-based strategies and—just as importantly—do the hard work of implementing them. Our longer-term, hands-on engagements result in customized interventions that embed DEIB thinking into all of your people processes.
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Move-the-Needle Trainings

Our trainings are truly one-of-a-kind. Meaning, we don't do unconscious bias trainings that stop at building awareness. Peoplism's stand-out trainings dig deeper, and have been proven to actually challenge and change biases, create empathy and connection, and provide concrete inclusion skills.
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Our Principles

Measure What Matters

We gather data to give you a clear picture of where you’re starting from. From there, every intervention is tracked using data science to measure impact.

Account for the Human Element

We leverage our experience in clinical psychology to break down barriers, guide difficult conversations, and motivate people to make real changes.


We invest heavily in change management and work right alongside your team. Because the real work is not just identifying what needs to be done but understanding how to get people to do it.

Get to Know You

We prioritize really getting to know your company and employees so that we can customize our interventions and create sustainable solutions.

Small Wins, Big Impact

We fight “diversity fatigue” by empowering individuals to take immediate action.  These small wins keep morale high during the long-term process of making larger structural changes.

Focus on Team-Level Progress

We equip teams with the tools, processes and skills they need to transform the way they interact with their colleagues.

From Our Clients

Highly recommended for any company serious about challenging their biases and prioritizing diversity & inclusion.”
Ben Hutchinson, Founder + COO
Our culture is definitely better because of Peoplism’s trainings after arming our teams with new tools to tackle everyday challenges.”
Joanna Lord, CMO
Unlike anything else out there...”
Managing Director, Financial Services Firm
These issues are so hard to tackle well and Peoplism nails it.”
Lucy Babbage, VP of People
An enormous asset on a major D&I initiative for our organization.”
Director of Global Talent, Retail Company

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