Stop seeing isms...Start seeing people.


 Fostering Inclusion + Belonging by Undermining Bias and Building Connections

We know that diversity efforts cannot succeed without efforts aimed at fostering inclusion.  

We also know that more inclusive workplaces produce more successful companies.  

But how exactly do you build a more inclusive workplace?

  • Building a more inclusive workplace benefits everyone, resulting in employees who are more confident, team oriented, and innovative—and who work harder and are more loyal. 
  • In the words of the Harvard Business Review, Diversity Doesn't Stick Without Inclusion.  Without efforts to foster inclusion and belonging, companies lose out on the benefits of diversity and diverse candidates themselves can't thrive. 

  • Due to non-inclusive and unfair work environments the tech industry is losing talent--especially women and people of color—at alarming rates.  

  • This loss of talent not only undermines diversity recruitment efforts, but according to the Tech Leavers Studyemployee turn over is costing the tech industry 16 billion dollars a year and an estimated 144K for each employee who leaves.  Meanwhile, 57% of those who left a job said they would have stayed if their company had taken steps to build a more inclusive culture.

That's where Peoplism comes in.

 Peoplism is a one-of-a-kind program that will actually create a greater sense of inclusion and belonging in your company.  

 It's not an unconscious bias training.  It's the next step...

Reduces biased thinking and behaviors

Peoplism goes deeper than unconscious bias trainings by helping participants examine their own biased thinking and behaviors, and then works to challenge and change those biases.

Builds empathy and connection

Peoplism builds empathy and connection between co-workers of different genders, races/ethnicities, ages, sexualities, etc. creating greater camaraderie and cohesion. 

Provides Concrete tools for fostering inclusion 

Participants leave Peoplism with concrete skills and ideas that help them continue to build a more inclusive work culture long after the program itself is over.  



Peoplism gets results.

1. Peoplism reduces conscious and unconscious bias. 

2. Peoplism creates empathy and connection among diverse groups of people. 

3. Peoplism empowers participants to have effective conversations about bias and arms them with company-specific tools for fostering inclusion. 


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